How much to charge as independent handyman?

How much to charge as independent contractor/handyman?


A handyman is conmanly hired worker to fix or build stuff around the house, some of projects are charged by hour and some by project.

Hourly rates vs. flat fees

  • For hourly projects, a typically handyman charges between $40-$100.
    This cost doesn't include material prices. These projects can include tasks like:
    • Basic electrical work
    • Plumbing
    • Painting
    • Drywall repair.
  • Other handyman jobs (typically installation jobs) are charged on a per-project basis. These often include the following:
    • Small sized project (1 hour): $80-$100
    • Medium sized project (2-4 hours): $150-$200
    • Large sized project (more than 4 hours): $300+
  • A handyman can complete a variety of projects including:
    • Fixing tiles. (Charged by hour or by sqft)
    • Performing general carpentry work.
    • Affixing fire and smoke alarms.
    • Building a deck ($8,000-$15,000).
    • Hanging frames and mirrors.
    • Connecting appliances like washers and dryers.
  • Materials costs depend on the project. Some handymen purchase their own supplies through wholesale channels for discounts, while others allow the homeowner to purchase the materials on their own.
  • If you need to travel long distance to clients house you can charge travel expenses usually $0.30-$0.60 per mile. Make sure let the clients know before hand about this.
  • Offer discounts for referrals, this way you can save costs on adverting and finding new clients.


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