How risky is the job of an electrician?

Always be safe!


Depending on construction deadlines and customer expectations, electricians are sometimes put into stressful situations in order to complete certain jobs or tasks faster than normal.

You're more likely to get cuts and bruises than anything else.

Electrical safety is paramount when working around electricity. Nowadays OSHA and every other safety board has mandated electrical safety programs be followed. Most things are to be worked on de-energized or off. The NFPA70E is the safety document most businesses follow these days which is great for us electricians. If the boss is in a hurry to get something done without turning off the power, you can just point to NFPA70E and say no.

So reality is not that dangerous if you follow the protocols and don't take shortcuts

Here are some risks

  • Electrocution is one of the biggest risk electricians face. They work with circuit and electricity all the time so being careful and following regulation will save you from getting electrocuted. This can happen if someone is carelessness - or some other person involved who accidentally "helped".
  • People who work on electricity poles or are or any high places, they stand a high risk of falling down. This isn't a risk exclusive to electricians but it is too common to ignore. Most people will be less vigilant when working on this jobs
  • If an electrician is working with heavy equipment, he stands the risk of getting injured with such equipment as well.


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