Construction Manager

Residential Working Construction Foreman

Los Angeles, CA 90029 45


Pay: Discuss at interview

Job Type :  Full-Time

Job Description: 

We are a large general contracting company that performs a huge volume of single family home rental turn services and remodels. We need foremen capable of completing punch list work with a high degree of quality and on a strict deadline. We are based in San Fernando Valley but get a high volume of work in the Lancaster/Palmdale/Northern Valley region. We are looking for a foreman based out of that area


- You must have 5+ years of experience in maintenance or single-family home contracting.
- You must have held a foreman position in the past and be able to lead a team.
- You must have a truck or SUV.
- You must have a working phone.
- You must be able to read and write.
- You must be able to lead a team.
- You must be able to read & write in English.
- You must be able to lift up to 50lbs.
As a Multi-Family Working Construction Foreman, you will be a valuable member of our construction team. You will be responsible for the following:

- General Repairs
- Painting and Drywall
- Plumbing
- Electrical
- Carpentry
- Tile replacement/repair
- Windows/Doors
- Interior Remodel Work

How To Apply: